railroad accidents

JRLAccident Reconstructionist &
Transportation Safety Expert

Since 1994, JRLA has provided train and traffic accident reconstruction and expert witness services to the legal, insurance, and transportation industries.


Train Accident Reconstruction
JRLA reconstructs railroad accidents involving freight, passenger, industrial, and excursion trains at crossings, stations, and interlockings, in yards, urban areas, and along track routes.

Traffic Accident Reconstruction
JRLA provides traffic accident reconstruction services for accidents with single or multiple vehicles including automobiles, trucks, buses, ATV's, motorcycles, and pedestrians.

Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
JRLA can evaluate the design, operation, maintenance, and regulatory compliance of both signalized and non-signalized grade crossings and assess their role in a collision.

Highway Safety
JRLA can provide a comprehensive analysis of roadway elements and their contribution to the occurrence and severity of traffic accidents.

Event Recorders & DVR's
JRLA can download, playback, and analyze event recorder and DVR data for a variety of ground transportation systems including trains, trucks, automobiles, and signals.