railroad accidents

Professional and Support Services

JRLA provides a full range of professional consulting, accident reconstruction, and litigation support services to our clients.


Analysis and Reconstruction

JRLA provides analysis and reconstruction of railroad and highway accidents. All of our work is based on validated science and technologies and relevant industry standards.

Evidence Documentation


JRLA can inspect, measure, photograph, video, and laser scan vehicles and sites involved in an accident. We document accident-related evidence including tire marks, wheel marks, track, crush damage, paint transfer, failed vehicle components, event recorder data, headlights and taillights, sight obstructions, signal alignment and operation, traffic control devices, safety appurtenances, surface conditions, and terrain.

Discovery Support

Because of our extensive experience in accident-related litigation, JRLA over the years has developed model sets of interrogatories, requests-for-production, and deposition questions for a variety of accident types for use by clients. We can also prepare case-specific discovery materials if requested.

Case Theory Development


Our knowledge of many of the technical issues typical in an accident case helps us to advise our clients on which theories have technical merit and to alert them to issues they may have otherwise overlooked.

Coordinate and Lead Investigations

We can effectively work with other experts or take the lead in a multi-disciplinary team approach for complex investigations.

Critique Opposing Experts

We can review the work product of opposing experts to determine their methodologies, data, and assumptions and determine the accuracy and reasonableness of their analysis and opinions. In many cases, we're familiar with opposing experts, giving us additional insight into their methodologies, capabilities, and history.

Written Report Preparation


We can prepare written expert opinion reports, including reports done in accordance with Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. However, we only issue written reports upon request by the client.

Demonstrative Exhibits

JRLA can prepare or assist in the preparation of demonstrative exhibits for use at trial. Exhibits can include photographs, video, calculations, page excerpts, Powerpoint presentations, 3D computer-generated models, and computer animations.

Deposition and Trial Testimony

JRLA makes James Loumiet available for deposition and trial testimony. Mr. Loumiet has testified at numerous depositions and trials across the U.S. and has always qualified as an expert.